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16 FebIn vitro fertilization essay sample

To begin with, in vitro fertilization is one of the forms of artificial insemination. An egg and sperm are manually combined in a laboratory dish and then the embryo is transferred to the uterus. IVF is used to treat infertility with those patients who have one of the following: damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, decreased sperm count or sperm motility, uterine fibroids, ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure, women with removed fallopian tubes and unexplained infertility.

As almost any other procedure, IVF can have side effects. They include: mild cramping, mild boating, passing a small amount of fluid, breast tenderness and constipation. The risks of having IVF are: mood swings, headaches, hot flashes and abnormal pain. The success of such procedure depends on a number of factors: age, reproductive history, lifestyle factors and cause of infertility. What is also important to remember is that there is chance of not getting a successful result at first. The doctor might also suggest other forms of artificial insemination in case this one does not work. Even though everything is done thoroughly, the result is always unpredictable and depends on the whole number of various factors. Learn more about that here … orderessay.net

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04 FebCampus violence essay sample

In the past ten years there has been an increasing number of campus violence situations which include: robbery, assaults, rape and murder. Even though campus seems to be a close-knit community, it appears to be a unity with its own problems which are not that easy to deal with.

Taking into account the fact that one cannot be prepared for everything, here is a list of tips one should be familiar with: report suspicious activity; keep your doors and windows locked; choose well-lit and well-travelled ways to get to your dorm or to the building you need to go to; be careful; try not to drink much or at least drink responsibly. Do not hesitate to call 911 or local police station in case you notice something suspicious. It may actually save someone’s life.

Students, parents and university staff are concerned about campus violence and try to do their best to prevent it. Yet, the best thing to do is to be able to protect yourself or at least know what to do in a situation like that. That is why, being aware of this problem is of major importance for any student. Learn more about campus violence at … orderessay.net

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